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fontenelle au

fontenelle world info.
character name & canon. Poland & Hetalia
canon point. Modern Day
fontenelle name. Fil Zając

place of residence. Fontenelle Apartments
occupation or title. Fontenelle Pet Shop employee (which he'll get fired from)

fontenelle history.

Fil was not a planned pregnancy. Like most of everything he did, he came by complete surprise on May 11th 1994. Since his parents had never wanted children, they weren't very involved in raising him. Of course there was the option of abortion, but being proud Catholics that seemed impossible. Fil's childhood was a very lonely one. Babysitters didn't usually play with him and while he was given anything he could want, he didn't get the attention he so badly needed which caused him to be one of those children that often came up with larger than life stories. His parents never did discipline him over it and so Fil never learned better. He was a shy child and not ever really having friends, he never did grow out of his shyness. Even at nineteen now, he still has a hard time breaking out of his shell.

Fil just never had friends and when he did actually talk, they either found his weird quirks or his selfishness a complete turn-off. Fil never lasted long with his 'friends'. It wasn't until one dance class when he was ten that he met Fāng Hǔ (later known as Lee due to too many “Who?” jokes) and while Fil quickly gave up the dance lessons, he never did give up “LeeLee” because Lee was the only one who didn't seem to mind his eccentricities. Their friendship has lasted through the years, often being close confidants for the other.

Most of Fil's memories are of him playing alone with the many toys his parents bought him (what he lacked in attention was doubled in material goods) or learning Bible passages. Fil found it a source of comfort to think “I'm not really alone. I have God.” Just like his parents, Fil was a devout Catholic. One because he found God very comforting and then also because the only time his parents seemed proud of him was when he was able to recite things from the Bible.

It was why when he turned eleven and started to notice himself very attracted to a boy in his class that he was horrified. The boy was handsome and funny and Fil found himself completely entranced. Though he tried to pretend he didn't notice him that way at all and even as he begun to realize he noticed more than just that boy in such a way, he was still in denial. Even now at nineteen, though Fil knows he's likely gay, it is a challenge for him because of his religious upbringing. He's tried to tell himself that it might be okay if he just doesn't act on that and if he can just try to like girls more. So far, it isn't working.

But most of Fil's life was boring. An average student who could do much more if he put his mind to it, but too lazy to do anything, his school days went by without much drama. However, as he got older, his parents were less and less in his life. To most of his classmates, it would have seemed like a dream come true to not have any parents bothering him, but the loneliness was unbearable. When he graduated and went to college, he found he didn't know what he wanted to do. All he was good at was math and reciting passages from the Bible it felt like. Deciding to do what he was best at, he went to the local college for a bachelors in math.

His current days are mostly him working odd jobs (he keeps getting fired, much to his confusion) and staying in his apartment mostly. His parents had always been big savers and left a lot of money for him for college, having thought he'd be an achiever like them. Much more money needed than for a local college. Along with his jobs, Fil rents an apartment. It isn't so lonely that way.