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 Note: This rant is completely just me showing how I ship the pairing and how I personally take the canon material for Lithuania and Poland. This isn’t me trying to sway anybody to this side or anything. Just me simply showing how the pairing makes a lot of sense and how easy it is to connect the two in a romantic relationship.

Poland really does love Lithuania. Something I don’t think he realized he did until much later in his life. I’ve always gone the sadder route and said I think he realized after the partitions. After he’s effectively lost Lithuania and actually laughed at him being dragged away by Russia. To note? I’ve always thought Poland laughed at Lithuania because it was an upsetting time for him. He’s been weakened, can’t fight, and has lost everything. What does Poland do? Laugh it all off. Poland is someone who doesn’t want to take stuff seriously. Including this. He’s lost everything, including his husband/partner, and probably wants to believe he’ll get it all back soon enough. So he laughs off Lithuania being upset as “your face is funny”. Why? Well, isn’t Lithuania funny to Poland? Why is he worrying so much? Everything will be okay.

Except Poland doesn’t realize it’ll take a long while for things to be okay again.

How long as Poland loved Lithuania? Maybe not so much as love at first sight, but he’s loved him since an early time. While I think Poland loves to think he’s loved Lithuania since the very beginning, even though he never realized it; I think Poland fell for Lithuania after Grunwald. It’s just headcanon, but what better time to fall for someone than after they save you in the nick of time and effectively stop a huge enemy with a damn powerful speech? That is Lithuania’s big shining moment. That is when Lithuania shows himself as a knight, a strong and just nation. I think to Poland that would have been a very big awe inducing moment.

People seem to assume these two were in love during their past and I do fully believe Poland was in love during the Commonwealth. He just had no idea. Poland’s a bit slow, remember. But Lithuania? I very much doubt he was in love with Poland, was in a romantic relationship with him, and they probably never slept together. You guys? Lithuania is overjoyed by just holding hands with Belarus. That’s the most virginal I’ve heard of. He goes out on dates and comes back holding her hand and acts like he just got laid. Lithuania, despite the marriage, is a virgin. So is Poland.


But, guys, Lithuania and Poland during the time were very, very, VERY CATHOLIC. Were the two countries married? Of course. Definitely. I just doubt the leaders themselves considered the marriage as an actual marriage between their very male nations. More like an alliance. Was there a ceremony? Of course. Was it in a church? I believe so. To Lithuania and Poland, it was a marriage. I think nations view sexuality and marriage differently. To nations themselves it’s no big deal to marry someone of the same sex or be with someone of the same sex. But their people are different cases.

Back on topic.

The two nations act like old friends in the modern days. Ex-lovers act very differently and nothing like how Poland and Lithuania act. Plus, like I said, Lithuania creams himself over holding hands with Belarus. That is so damn pure. I’m going to toss out any romance during the Commonwealth. Like I said I don’t even think Poland knew back then.

Plus a big problem back then was Poland was really sort of an asshole. Now I’m going to excuse Poland here as honest to God not knowing better. He didn’t really seem to know better because let me repeat Poland’s slow. He doesn’t understand other people’s feelings. He is not empathetic at all. He’s shy, quiet, and kind of a pain even when he isn’t at his worst. Look at what he does when he has to meet Lithuania for the first time. He throws a fit and goes to Jadwiga, a 12 year old girl, for comfort. Poland comes off to me as a spoiled brat. Pampered and loved by his people (though not by all considering the adviser scolds him), not too used to friends. The adviser does also say “It’s been a while since I’ve seen Poland joke around like that”. He implies it’s not often that Poland really acts so jovial and buddy buddy.  He’s really sort of alone when it comes to those like himself.

Until Lithuania.

Was Poland a jerk? He was. It’s telling that Lithuania loses his temper with him. Did Poland deserve the tongue lashing? Definitely. I’ll say Poland’s not a bad guy and he isn’t. He wasn’t a bad guy back then either. He didn’t want to hurt people. He just wanted things to be his way and while he was pretty damn pushy about that, not being thoughtful to Lithuania or others involved at all, it was never hurtful intentionally. Poland behaved much like a child and Poland is childish. He’ll buck up when he has to and face things maturely, but only when he must absolutely do it. If there’s a way out? Poland is sure as hell going to take it and be immature. That never changes.

I say Poland was never intentionally hurtful because he wasn’t. What happens when Lithuania tells him off? Poland does say he’ll try to be less selfish. I think people really push side that part. Poland agrees with Lithuania that he was selfish. I don’t think Poland completely understood how he was selfish, but Lithuania said it. Poland likes him. Lithuania is Poland’s friend.

That’s the thing I think people miss out on Poland. Question: how many times has Poland been directly told he’s doing something wrong? Think about it. Really, really think about it. Now think about how many times Lithuania has told Poland he’s behaving wrong. 
It hardly ever happens. If ever.

Lithuania is patient and in a lot of ways? This is good. But with Poland? No. People just assume, along with fandom, that Poland’s too dumb to get shit. Which is in some ways true. But if you are to tell him directly? Like Lithuania does that once? Poland listens and tries to fix it. Did he keep up that promise? No. But I think at that point he didn’t understand what being selfish was at that point. Lithuania didn’t state how he was selfish, just that he was. It isn’t Lithuania’s job and well, Poland does figure stuff out later if his modern relationship with Lithuania can be taken as anything.

Poland can listen. Poland can learn. Just tell him. Don’t assume he won’t get it and that is exactly Lithuania’s problem. I love Lithuania, but he’s not always the most understanding of Poland. That seems odd to say, but there you go.  Lithuania assumes a lot about Poland. Some of it justified and some of it not. Lithuania’s the type of guy to not make waves, but he forgets when he did tell Poland “YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF” Poland did listen. Poland even said he’d try to fix that. Lithuania, much too stunned by Poland’s open affection (I’ll get to that later) and the fact Poland doesn’t act out about Lithuania’s anger, brushes off the fact that Poland admitted he was behaving in a way that Lithuania didn’t like. To some degree it’s understandable that Lithuania doesn’t trust that Poland will understand what he has to say. To another? A bit silly. 

I’m not going to deny that Poland was an asshole back then because he was. He was selfish, lazy, dumb, and thoughtless. I can just imagine all the times he hurt Lithuania’s feelings. But there is a big thing: it was never intentional.

People like to brush off Poland and Lithuania’s relationship because of the modern day relations between the actual countries. I like to point out that these two are characters and let’s face it, have gone through much different things than the people of the modern day. To go onto Lithuania, I want to sound a little corny. I have to because people miss out on what makes Poland so very important to Lithuania: Poland is the last remnant of a time where Lithuania was strong. It’s sad and beautiful all at once.

The Commonwealth is shown as Lithuania’s golden memories. He tells America that they were his happiest times and he’s shown to be very nostalgic about the times with his partner, Poland. His dreams are mostly of that time. Lithuania also shows a very big want to go back to those times. Unfortunately he cannot. They have passed and a Commonwealth would not be good. Lithuania and his people have a big want for their own cultural identity. Married to Poland in such a way really stifles that. 

Before Poland? Lithuania was going through tough times. Always picked on and very serious. Hungary comments on that. From what we are shown of Lithuania’s childhood, he never really had much companionship.

Until Poland.

The alliance and the Commonwealth are Lithuania’s good memories for a reason: they are before Russia. Now Russia is Lithuania’s abuser. That is canon fact. If you deny that, please go away. Russia puts Lithuania down, abuses him, leaves terrible marks on him physically and mentally, and is very cruel. Russia is Lithuania’s torment and probably the worst person that was ever in Lithuania’s life. He took a lot from Lithuania. His pride, his strength to a certain degree, and a lot of his stable mental health. Lithuania in the modern day is anxious and scared. He tells Sealand how being a nation is tough and how hard it is. Lithuania shows a lot of bitterness about that. Russia never truly respected Lithuania. He really hurt him and left so many scars on him.

But Poland? Poland was hurtful. No doubt. But Poland never abused Lithuania. Never. Took him for granted? Yes. Was a lousy friend? Definitely. But Poland never ever abused Lithuania and from what we see? Poland listened to Lithuania. Poland shows Lithuania affection. There is never an instance where Poland intentionally harms Lithuania in canon. I know someone’s shouting “VILNIUS!!!!” but I’ll get to that. My point is that Poland symbolizes Lithuania’s last moments of safety and love. Poland loves Lithuania and Lithuania knows that. Maybe he doesn’t know the full extent, but he knows Poland cares about him to some extent that they are friends.

Poland and the times Lithuania shared with Poland are the last good memories he had of a time before darkness and abuse.  And believe it or not? Poland is the only person to show any concern to Lithuania. In canon we are only shown that it’s Poland who stands up to Russia. And who does he do that for? Lithuania. In the deleted strip, Poland’s shown to be very serious and angry. “Don’t you dare lay a finger on Liet!” This was probably deleted because Himaruya wanted a more comedic moment for his opening strip of the manga. In Christmas 2010 Poland calls Lithuania and pleads to him to go somewhere safe. He has a bad feeling. Another time where Poland shows concern over Lithuania is very often overlooked, but the While You Were Gone strips. People remember that Poland closes the door and remarks that there’s a side of Lithuania he doesn’t know after seeing his scars. People forget why Poland saw those scars in the first place. That’s because Lithuania was acting ‘weird’ and it stood out to Poland. Poland wanted to cheer him up with a practical joke thinking that’d help. Dumb and rude, but meant with good intentions.

It’s also important to say that the country that shows Lithuania nothing but kindness, America, doesn’t even do anything for Lithuania when it comes to Russia. At this point we know that America can’t do much. He’s down for the count because of the Great Depression, but as Lithuania is once again being carried off by Russia, America doesn’t seem too worried about Lithuania. That’s the thing that gets to me. America has to know what Russia does or have some slight idea. He doesn’t. He even tells Russia “Take good care of him”. While Poland’s LAUGHING at Lithuania’s horrified screaming is much worse, he is not alone in just brushing off Lithuania’s screams. America did too. One difference being that Poland kind of makes up for it in that he seems to protect Lithuania against Russia now. To me this is because one, Poland loves Lithuania and two, he really hates Russia. But also in headcanon? I do think Poland regrets not doing anything that first time and him always sticking up for Lithuania against Russia is his own way of making up for that.

Another thing people seem to gloss over is how Estonia and Latvia really let Lithuania take a lot of the abuse from Russia. Of course there are reasons. Lithuania was older, stronger, and probably more capable of handling it. Also Lithuania probably willingly allowed it to happen because that’s the kind of guy he is. But how many times is it shown that Estonia and Latvia try to help Lithuania? Really. Seriously. Think about it. How many times? Estonia is a pro of getting away from the situation and Latvia a pro at making situations worse and Lithuania having to step in to protect him.

Canonically? Poland is shown to be the only character in Hetalia that does shit for Lithuania that doesn’t really get him anything in return. America did and does care about Lithuania. That’s a fact. But during the strips we see of their relationship you have to understand they still had a business relationship in their roots. America was his boss and America did get something in return from all that.

Poland gets nothing from sticking up for Lithuania against Russia. If anything that’s more endangering to Poland. Remember, guys. Russia has been terrible to Poland too. Russia has been enemy number one to Poland for ages. Why does Poland stick up for Lithuania? He wants to keep Lithuania safe. It’s as simple as that.

I keep going off on tangents and what canon proof is there that Poland’s into Lithuania? A fuck ton. Even just their relationship as friends says a lot considering how much Poland does for Lithuania. Remember how I said that Poland’s selfish and lazy? He is. That changes for Lithuania, though, doesn’t it? At least in modern days.

“No matter what Liet thinks of me, I’ll always like you”? In Japanese text that can also have a romantic meaning. Personally, like stated before, I don’t think Poland knew what the hell he was implying. He was just simply saying he liked Lithuania. Lithuania? Probably had no clue Poland even considered him a friend because who treats their friends like that? In the early days these two really clashed in some ways. Not headbutting ways, but that they probably didn’t really understand each other. What seems like just common things people do for each other are things that Poland just doesn’t show many people. Still. That line was the very first time I thought to myself that Poland was into Lithuania.

Other things? Plenty. Poland clings to Lithuania most, his Marukaite Chikyuu where he calls Lithuania his one and only, Hetalia Fantasia where Poland is absolutely needing Lithuania to think he did everything on his own, the fact Poland always seems to dress up for him, and the interview questions where Poland interrupts Lithuania when asked what his favorite kind of girl is. Try to think up any reason for that last one and it’s really hard other than Poland just doesn’t want to hear it. But to break things down?

You can argue that while we see Poland and Lithuania around each other the most and never see Poland around others. This is a little true. You cannot exactly state Poland clings to Lithuania all the time and have a ton of proof of that. There’s just some things that really show it. The fact that Lithuania is stunned that Poland gets along with Italy and how even when visiting Netherlands, Poland does it with Lithuania. From what we know, though? Poland’s first go to is always Lithuania. Hetalia Fantasia his first choice is Lithuania and even shows he wants to play alone until he can play with Lithuania. They spend Christmases together and yes, they live with each other, but Lithuania does have his own house. He does have his own family. They choose to spend time with each other and it’s said Poland instigates most of this. Poland has other friends. He has Hungary and Italy. Why doesn’t he ever go to them? They have other friends and more important people, but do you think that matters to Poland? He’s pushy. So why is he only pushy that Lithuania spend time with him? Just think about it.

Poland’s Marukaite Chikyuu is probably my biggest claim for these two always. HE CALLS LITHUANIA HIS ONE AND ONLY. Please tell me what that could mean in platonic reasons. I have tried to think up things and have never ever been able to figure out how this could possibly be platonic. One and only friend? No. He has Italy and Hungary remember? What else? Honestly WHAT ELSE? One and only is always, always linked to in a romantic sense. Always. Can you say Poland used this not really understanding the context? If you want to try to brush off the very much implied romantic undertone, sure. Go right for it.