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Rzeczpospolita Polska ✞ Feliks Łukasiewicz ([personal profile] paluszki) wrote2000-05-21 05:31 am
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Threadjacking? Go for it as long as it's not private/impossible. Also please ask permission first!
Backtagging? Yes! I'm the slowest and laziest mun so back tagging is very fine with me.
4th wall breaking? Poland's a country. So yes, go ahead. But Hetalia? Uh, no. Don't mention that.

Reading this character's mind? 
Sure! But who knows what may be going on in there.
Hugging this character? Yes! Just expect different results on how well Poland knows your character.
Giving this character a kiss? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO KISS HIM? For the laughs, kiss Poland. He won't react well.
More than kissing? This will most likely never happen.
Romantic relationships?  I'm a sucker for ships, but Poland personally isn't interested in romance.
Fighting? Sure. While Poland isn't interested in fighting anymore, he won't just take it. He will attempt to fight back.
Iinjuries? Poland has had his fair share of injuries so go for it. He's a country and he'll heal fast.
Death? If we talk about it? Maybe. There's a slight chance I'm up for it, but it really matters on the circumstances. 
Anything else? Please do not mention WWII around him. It's not really a subject that I am interested in roleplaying and it's a sensitive topic to boot. Poland played a big part in WWII and probably was one of the countries that suffered most. Many people were affected by this war and still are to this day. Let's be responsible and mature.