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Name: Alanya
Sex: Female
Species:  I’m going to guess she is the same species as the Wawel Dragon.
Age: Alanya is about a year now!

Predator. She's going to be hunting whatever she can now. But she still won't eat your pet.

About four feet in length and 50 lbs.  Her wingspan is a little more than a foot now. Incapable of flight currently.

Alanya can breathe fire now.

Diet: In legends, dragons feasted upon maidens and cattle. Alanya doesn’t eat maidens. But she does meat. Her favorites are lamb and pork, but she’ll really eat all sorts of meat. No, she won’t eat your pet. Considering how much she's fed, she's a little overweight.

Personality:  Alanya is energetic and pretty rambunctious. She loves attention and has no problem begging for it. If you ignore her, she will get right into your face. Think of a badly behaved puppy. That’s Alanya. Unfortunately Poland has not yet begun to discipline her and it really shows. Alanya does not understand ‘no’. To her it’s just a word she doesn’t have to listen to. The only way she’s going to listen to you is if you have food with you. Want her to get off the table? Give her a treat and she will. Alanya ain’t no fool.

She tends to chase after things and turns everything into a game. When she wants to nap, she likes to find a place where the sun is peeking through. Alanya loves sunbathing considering she’s cold-blooded. Sprawling out on her stomach or on her side is her preferred way of sunbathing. This is something she has to do for heat so do not interrupt her.

Alanya has the bad habit of trying to climb up people’s legs as well as jumping on your hands if they aren’t moving. Biting is something she does often because she doesn’t understand her teeth are sharp and actually hurt. Again because Poland hasn’t bothered to teach her to stop.

Not a faster runner, she kind of trots. Like I said before, she chases things, but isn’t good at it. Dragons hunt by flying and Alanya can’t do that. Her running is terrible and she trips over herself a lot of the time. Think of how a corgi runs. Clumsy is probably best used for her movements.

Alanya makes "piiiii" noises and gurgle noises when she gets irritated. Trying to breathe fire and cannot. She's a cutie.

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