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( text ) wow this is a plain inbox

[personal profile] sakotis 2012-05-05 07:48 am (UTC)(link)
[ After being tipped off by a very aggravated man complaining about a crazy Polish idiot, Lithuania couldn't help but see if a certain someone's number was in his phone. After scrolling through his contact list a ways, there indeed was that familiar name, though it had been a while since he'd seen it in text like that. This whole thing is weird, though, so he can't help but make sure it's exactly who he thinks it is. ]

Poland if this is you, please reply.
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( text ) i expected more aesthetic from you

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[ What seems like an eternity later, he finally gets a reply. Sighing, he answers back promptly. ]

It's Lithuania. Are you alright? You're in a strange place too, aren't you?
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( text ) my bad i guess :\

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I know I had a talk with him and found out you were here. What house number are you in?
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( text ) i see poland has on a scarf of love

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Oh you're only across the street. Please don't give the people you live with a hard time I'm sure they're as upset about this whole thing as we are
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( text ) is it painful to have to type like that jw

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Across the street. 1403. That wasn't knocking at all. Can you ask politely next time?
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( text ) you are a stronger soul than i

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[ Oh he knows. He knows. ]

I heard the knocking and it was extremely loud pounding! Just because he was yelling doesn't mean you need to yell. Are you alright?

[ He asks again. He knows Poland can handle himself, but Lithuania doesn't trust a house full of strangers. For both parties sake. ]
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( text )

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You're not alright? What's wrong?

[ Everything else can be addressed at a later date. ]
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[ He would bring up the whole husband thing, but he can't really talk. ]

From the looks of it no one can go home. If you're allowed in the kitchen, try to make something ?
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From the sound of things you'll go hungry before he lets you in.
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He seemed as angry as you were! He wasn't going to listen to me.
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[ Time to rip off this bandaid. ]

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I was surprised he was. I don't know if anyone else is though.
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It wouldn't surprise me if there were more of us though if the 3 of us are here. Who are you married to in case of emergencies?

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